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The Arctic Front ~ for #YesAllWomen

*trigger warning* We were reshaping language. Making it fit better. Breaking it into chunks, discrete pieces. That’s what acid does: it lets you see all the infinitesimal pieces of everything, the air’s live molecules, the shivering motion of protons, electrons, neutrons as they fly through their individual atoms. At the same time, it lets you see the big things: the stars, the way the molecules connect all living creatures together, the breathing of trees against darkness. … READ MORE

Ritual at Ahu One Makihi

Body, Mind, Spirit at Ahu One Makihi

Body meets mind & spirit. Intellect meets appetite. Equanimity meets hormones. Naked pregnant body casts gestures at sunrise on Rapa Nui, aka Easter Island, & the visceral trumps the invisible. … READ MORE

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Welcome to “Anakena: the Easter Island Project”

Anakena: the Easter Island Project is the culmination of an interdisciplinary artwork spanning seven years, seven cities, and the island of Rapa Nui. It explores the human urge to create and procreate, and our potential to transform through art, collaboration, and ritual…


“On My Belly” ~ a song

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I wrote “On My Belly” when I was six weeks pregnant, a song for the embryo inside. It grew, and I grew, and together my belly … READ MORE

The Red Lady Loop at Anakena Beach, Rapa Nui (samples from video art installation)

So this movement-ritual. Ritual-movement-performance-video. I performed it several times on Rapa Nui, and in this video you’ll see snippets of it. The series is based primarily on the Eurythmy vowel movements (not to be confused with something that rhymes with vowel movements).

Here you see samples from a looped video 30 minutes long. At the installation, it was one of seven videos … READ MORE

Digging the Vessel at Anakena Beach, Rapa Nui: The Easter Island Project

I was, at the time, 20 weeks pregnant, transformed into a vessel myself. Ceramics artist Sequoia Miller made this actual vessel for the project. Many people made all sorts of wonderful, intriguing objects and writings, and many of those “seeds” of creativity came with me to the island. But the vessel is the sole seed to be part of the ritual/performances I enacted and filmed at Anakena. It appears … READ MORE

Artist Talk PART ONE – Tiffany Lee Brown at Reed College

Artist Talk PART ONE – Tiffany Lee Brown at Reed College, June 2013, Portland, Oregon, with Stephanie Snyder, Director of the Cooley Gallery at Reed. Regarding “Anakena: the Easter Island Project,” in the Case Works series, fall 2012-fall 2013 in the Reed College Library. Supported in part by a grant from RACC, the Regional Arts and Culture Council. This interdisciplinary work involves participation, installation art, … READ MORE

gazette burning tarot 2013 -pages attempt

Ancient ruins of Black Rock City cult featured in Black Rock Gazette

Today’s Black Rock Gazette, the first of 2013, shows archaeologists at work excavating relics. The small tribe apparently developed a cult in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, where the Burning Man festival is held. The cult developed around sophisticated methods and technologies of a foreign, more advanced civilization called the Tarotists, who left behind assorted cargo that was considered “magical” by Playa dwellers.

Read more by downloading the … READ MORE

“On My Belly” ~ a song for your listening pleasure

Listen to “On My Belly” on Soundcloud.

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Eric Hausmann and I have created a soundtrack for the Easter Island Project that is over 80 hours long. It’s all original and based on raw improvisation. Today’s track, “On My Belly,” happens to have vocals and lyrics but few of ‘em do. I improvised it standing in front of my computer with its … READ MORE