i'm typing this with my eyes closed. would it be cheating to come back and fix the inve oh shit, there's one now, the inevitable errors? it probably would be cheating, so i shall refrain.

i'm typing this in an ancient runic script called HTML, with my eyes closed. i'm typing this in html with my eyes closed while i am logged into the server here on fabulous q7, using a lill' program called Terminal on my Mac, using ssh to get in there, and just type.

i just now cheated to see if i was writing semi legible things. i opened my eyes. all day i've had stuck in my head , well, a few days actually, a song by a band called Low, and the song goes, "i was a child / i was on fire / But i stayed alive / when all else died... i held my breath / what could i do? ... and i closed my eyes / like Marvin Gaye... but now i've had enough..."

u ckised ny eyes like marvin gaye to type this nothingness into the void, because i was suddnly struck by how many months have drizzled by since i took down my website. i do that every so often. vanish myself. there was a time on the interwebs when i f i took down magdalen.com, if you didn't happen to be on the Well, i would then become semi invisibile, unless you really cared enough to track me down properly. i didn't do it with ny pre3meditation. every time i've vanished my website, it was because --"

i don't know why it was because. achieving invisitility is so difficult these days. we are all simultaneously opaque (visible) and transparent (insides out). it is so easy. so easy to live like this, a clear plastic model of human anatomy with colored floating guts inside, like that graphic on that one Nirvana record. which i also used in a 'zine layout in the early nineteen nineties (it is easier to type out those words than to try to find the numbers with my blind fingers.).

so this is my web page now. it will come out looking like someone fell out of 1994 let's see if those numbers worked! ninety four, , , , , like it fell out of ninety four or ninety three, which was my first excursion onto the weorld weibe web. that's okay. ,p> when you transmute, you get to leave behind a certain number of cells, shed them, leaving an ascii imprint like the ghost outline of a skin-shed snake.