The Arctic Front ~ for #YesAllWomen

*trigger warning* We were reshaping language. Making it fit better. Breaking it into chunks, discrete pieces. That’s what acid does: it lets you see all the infinitesimal pieces of everything, the air’s live molecules, the shivering motion of protons, electrons, neutrons as they fly through their individual atoms. At the same time, it lets you see the big things: the stars, the way the molecules connect all living creatures together, the breathing of trees against darkness. … READ MORE

Ritual at Ahu One Makihi

Body, Mind, Spirit at Ahu One Makihi

Body meets mind & spirit. Intellect meets appetite. Equanimity meets hormones. Naked pregnant body casts gestures at sunrise on Rapa Nui, aka Easter Island, & the visceral trumps the invisible. … READ MORE


Gratitudinal Thank-You-Ness of the Day… O Ben…

Gratitude is a weird word. It’s something that middle-aged ladies of a woo-woo bent tend to throw around too much.* It can be almost a guilt trip: Hey, asshole, how dare you be depressed? You need more gratitude for what you have, First World Problematic scumbag!

On the other hand, “gratitude” expresses a fundamental process and alert, positive state of being. It implies that hey, you’re awake, you’re noticing what’s … READ MORE

Oh Dear, We’re Testing Again.

What am I rambling about right now? … READ MORE

joshaltar 1 IMG_20120519_181410 copy

What belongs in a story? “Area Man Goes Over Handlebars, Thumps Brain.”

What belongs in a story? Art and literature generally streamline the stories of life, homing in on narrative arcs and peeling away the detritus that collects with time. They compress and refine. They make sense of the intertwined relationships, discussions, thoughts, and experiences that compose our lives. Writing, making art, composing music, performing: these practices and the dialogues they inspire help us figure out what our stories actually are. Except, … READ MORE