The Arctic Front ~ for #YesAllWomen

*trigger warning* We were reshaping language. Making it fit better. Breaking it into chunks, discrete pieces. That’s what acid does: it lets you see all the infinitesimal pieces of everything, the air’s live molecules, the shivering motion of protons, electrons, neutrons as they fly through their individual atoms. At the same time, it lets you see the big things: the stars, the way the molecules connect all living creatures together, the breathing of trees against darkness. … READ MORE

Ritual at Ahu One Makihi

Body, Mind, Spirit at Ahu One Makihi

Body meets mind & spirit. Intellect meets appetite. Equanimity meets hormones. Naked pregnant body casts gestures at sunrise on Rapa Nui, aka Easter Island, & the visceral trumps the invisible. … READ MORE

Artist Talk PART ONE – Tiffany Lee Brown at Reed College

Artist Talk PART ONE – Tiffany Lee Brown at Reed College, June 2013, Portland, Oregon, with Stephanie Snyder, Director of the Cooley Gallery at Reed. Regarding “Anakena: the Easter Island Project,” in the Case Works series, fall 2012-fall 2013 in the Reed College Library. Supported in part by a grant from RACC, the Regional Arts and Culture Council. This interdisciplinary work involves participation, installation art, … READ MORE

easter island project (c) tiffany lee brown

The Swinging Acorn: in participatory art, who owns what?

Anonymity can be exhilarating in interactive, participatory art. You become part of a mystery experience and an implied community of makers. You relinquish your illusion of control and set free what your hands have made. You meld. But who really owns this stuff? … READ MORE


What is the Easter Island Project?

Anakena: the Easter Island Project is the culmination of an interdisciplinary artwork spanning five years, seven cities, and the island of Rapa Nui. The installation will unfold organically for nine months at the Cooley Gallery’s Caseworks series and online at

First I was a happily childfree woman. Next, a happy stepmom. Then I was walloped by the biological clock, a surprise attack that plunged … READ MORE

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What belongs in a story? “Area Man Goes Over Handlebars, Thumps Brain.”

What belongs in a story? Art and literature generally streamline the stories of life, homing in on narrative arcs and peeling away the detritus that collects with time. They compress and refine. They make sense of the intertwined relationships, discussions, thoughts, and experiences that compose our lives. Writing, making art, composing music, performing: these practices and the dialogues they inspire help us figure out what our stories actually are. Except, … READ MORE